Journalism without managers

In their article: ‘Balancing act: Learning from organizing Practices in cultural industries’ Lampel, Lant and Shamsie investigate the role of the management in cultural industries. They outlined the tasks of a manager and the way the management is doing her job. But they did not mentioned the necessity of the existence of managers in the cultural sector.

A dutch TV Show, ‘Tegenlicht”, made an episode two years ago, which was called ‘The end of the manager‘. In this episode they were looking to the firm of the future. According to the makers of the episode the firm of the future was a company where the power was given to the employees and were the management was removed. There employees were feeling more responsible and were more happy and the company was more able to innovate. A win-win situation.

But should this also be the future of journalism? Why does a newspaper need a management? I would say that journalist are experienced enough to decide which way is the best way for a newspaper to follow. Or do journalist already enjoy a lot of freedom, and is the role of the management not that big at all?

Rick Plantinga


Lampel, J., Lant, T. & Shamsie, J. (2011), ‘Balancing act: learning from organizing practices in cultural industries’, Organization Science (vol. 11.3): 263-269.




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