More media companies, yes!

This week the VOJN-Awards were handed out, and some journalists were rewarded for their renewing and prestigious work. Among them, Chris Bajema won the price for “Beste Podcast” with his series “Man met de microfoon.” With this, this news-article and my gut feeling that podcast are becoming more popular, there’s an opportunity for a new media company. As Hess describes media companies (in: Mierzejewska and Shaver, 2014) as “organizers of public, media-based communication”. I plea for a company that combines all podcasts into one organized and easy to use App and site, which can be the breakthrough for podcasts.

I believe that most podcasts provide, media-based communication but there isn’t a platform where you can easily find all these podcasts together. There is this one, but it isn’t what I have in mind. The overview is not very clear, the design looks outdated and it’s not that popular. I’m suggesting a platform such as Spotify, where you can listen to all kinds of music and based on what you listen to, the program provides preferences for you.

Looking at this and the literature of this week, the artistic values of podcast must remain the same quality, a technological genius must help and design the App and a economic or marketing brainiac must inform people. This will make podcasts more popular, which can be a good thing because they can be very informative.


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