News liveblogs are so on point

Media industries keep innovating themselves. They’re trying to address the news they are producing as easy as possible, and to an audience as young as possible. These innovations are certain newspaper apps, news video’s, websites such as blendle and topics, and, as Mierzejewska and Shaver (2014: 47) ‘instantaneous updates’. One example of these upates is the rise of liveblogs, used by both written and visual journalism and new mediums. Especially The Volkskrant and NOS nieuws are fervent users of liveblogs. Of course, they can be very informative, making sure the public can keep track of the latest news, but sometimes these liveblogs look like they are just filling up space:

Do we have to have an update of the current events every few minutes? Even if sometimes journalists themselves don’t really know what they should write? Like the Volkskrant in this liveblog  Or these ones from NOS: the oscars and sport


Media industries are struggling, especially the traditional ones. Innovations like these help them to keep the public interested in their publications. And of course, modernizations need to be encouraged. But, as we say in Dutch: overdrijven is ook een vak.

Sozan Toksoz


Bozena Mierzejewska & Dan Shaver. “Key Changes Impacting Media Management Research.” International Journal of Media Management 16 (2014). Print.


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