Genesis’ Pan-African Expansion

Nollywood is Nigeria’s answer to Hollywood, coming second in terms of the number of films produced. Although Nigeria’s film industry is traditionally segregated along regional, ethnic or religious lines, the advent of English spoken films has made it possible to make films that can be distributed throughout the country and even outside the country’s borders.

Playing into this, Genesis cinema’s, one of Nigeria’s biggest cinema devlopers, has stated its plans to expand into new territories. As an avid supporter of Nigeria’s film industry, Nnaeto Orazulike, the company’s director has stated that: “At Genesis cinemas, it is of utmost importance that we support the progress of Nollywood by playing our part as exhibitors.”

By moving away from the obstruction of regional borders this development mirrors the shared discourse of place and it’s mixing with discourses around heritage, ritual and authenticity as mentioned by Mayer (2016). By focusing on a pan-African block of cinemas and distribution this expansion makes it possible to move away from neocolonial structures like the ubiquitous influence that Hollywood has traditionally had. Or as mister Orazulike says: “I look forward to an era where Nigerian films will compete with the rest of the world, not only in quantity but in quality as well.”


Mayer, V. (2016). The Places Where Audience Studies and Production Studies Meet. Television & New Media 17.8 (2016): 706-718.

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