NRC: online first

By Lune van der Meulen

According to Deuze and Prenger ( 2015) innovation has been key to structural developments in journalism. An example of innovation in a journalism company is the following: Major Dutch newspaper NRC had a separate online editorial office for the past 22 years. This just ended.

The online editorial office started in 1995, when NRC launched its first website. In the nineties, the grand future of online content could not yet be predicted. The website was only used to complement the newspaper only. This is a totally different story than how newspapers see their online content these days.

There is no separation anymore in between the online office and the physical newspaper office. NRC started working with an online first focus. All of the editors write their articles in the first instance for their website, shared through social media. This transition towards an online focus happened in October 2015. Now, two years later, NRC decided to mix this al together. It would be fair to say that NRC did exactly what Prenger and Deuze (2015) describe in their article, they embraced a dual management process: “to protect and enhance the existing way of doing things, as well as to experiment and explore new business models, new creative cycles or productivity routines, and so on.”


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