Are newspapers actual fans of web analytics?

Cherubini et al. state that journalists nowadays use web analytics fanatically, so that they can target their audience even better. But which journalists are we talking about? The young ones at the internet department?

It seems that most Dutch newspapers aren’t fully ready yet to make the transition to the web. The fact that those newspapers still publish boringly written articles, put vague headlines above them, use few (good) photos and don’t invest all too much in video productions and other forms of journalism, shows that they’re still not web-savvy enough (I know it’s not an existing word) to make efficient use of the analytics that they have.

And often the journalists who just write for the websites of the newspapers, have difficulty communicating about strategies with the rest of the editors. Because still a lot of journalists are stubborn or uncomfortable with the idea that the nostalgic paper will likely disappear, and with that their craft or the ambition. In that sense, web analytics and internet as a whole is still ‘het ondergeschoven kindje’ in Dutch journalism. Measuring is not enough (and of course, not the only important thing). You have to consider it as feedback, that you can then use to actually improve your core business.

208 words, by Aybala Carlak

Cherubini, Federica, and Rasmus Kleis Nielsen. Editorial Analytics: How News Media Are Developing and Using Audience Data and Metrics. Oxford, UK: Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism, 2016. Web.

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