Ciao, Manhattan.

In the past year, three of the most revered independent news outlets in NYC were put to a brutal end, and their archives deleted immediately. Publisher and CEO Joe Ricketts seemingly suddenly and unilaterally made this decision.

Billionaire Ricketts shut DNAinfo and Gothamist (sites) down after an attempt to unionize. Regarding the former, he said, “DNAinfo is, at the end of the day, a business, and businesses need to be economically successful if they are to endure.” (Leland and Newman)

This came shortly after The Village Voice shuttered its print edition much to the chagrin of New Yorkers everywhere.

I find this privatization of media and disregard for cutting edge journalists very alarming and dystopian. Furthermore it’s hard to give Mr. Ricketts the benefit of the doubt knowing that he is a conservative who supported Trump. The act of deleting the archives immediately seems like a real jab, like downright evil.

Our reading talks about the press as an institution, a “reference to the whole complex of publication and circulation of ideas throughout society, without which democracy cannot work.” (McQuail, 16)

This seems chilling considering these three news outlets were edgy and liberal, representing a really liberal city, and put to an end by corporate greed.

-Chelsea Kane



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