A bright future

As I read the manifesto The Transformation of American Journalism Is Unavoidable written by Emily Bell, I was thinking to myself: ‘Do I really want to be part of an industry without a future?’ Bell argues that because there is no ‘similarity of methods among a relatively small and coherent group of businesses, and an inability for anyone outside that group to produce a competitive product’, we are no langer able to speak about a news industry anymore. Furthermore, she quotes William Gibson: ‘The future is already here. It’s just unevenly distributed.”

But then I saw this article on Newsweek.com. The last two sentences of the articel read: “The best days of journalism aren’t in the past. They are just beginning.” It was written by a 10-year old girl named Hilde Kate Lysiak (probably with some help of her father Matthew). Hilde runs her own little newspaper, called The Orange Street News. “People will still continue to tell me that it’s such a shame that I’m in an industry with no future”, Hilde writes. “But I know the truth: that reporting the news is not only important, but the best job in the world.”

Ofcourse, there are many arguments to think of and say: ‘You little girl, you don’t know anything about the real world’. But I’d rather take the optimistic approach and stand by her. Yes, journalism as a profession is under pressure, but are we to go down without a fight? Rather not. Let’s focus on seize the opportunities the modern world offers journalists instead of constantly focus on its shortcomings.

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Bell, Emily., The Transformation of American Journalism,. Columbia Journalism School,. 3th december 2014.


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