Freelance Warriors

Thinking about the future of journalism means thinking about the position of freelance journalists. More and more of us take on a role as freelancer in the widespread media landscape. Verhalenmarkt is a new concept that might give us a glimpse in the future of freelancing.

Verhalenmarkt is an online platform on which freelance journalists and media meet each other. Journalists can pitch their ideas and stories on the website. It is a very simple supply and demand system, “something that is necessary in a time in which newsrooms are getting smaller and journalists work for several outlets”, the makers argue.

Burns and Matthews write in Post-Industrial Journalism as a Creative Industry that the internet offers grand opportunities for freelance journalists “to get beyond the freelance model” (Burns and Matthews, 7). and “to create small enterprises based on the creation of content to be distributed through websites and blogs.” (Burns and Matthews, 7). As it seems, Verhalenmarkt fits with the notion of the future of freelancing, Burns and Matthews describe in their study. 

Personally, I think it is a great idea to set up a place where freelancers and newspapers/magazines/online platforms can connect and share ideas and productions. It is something we desperately need in times of a growing number of freelance journalists combined with poor payments and closed work cultures (newsrooms). However, what is the function of a newsroom in this ‘story of the future’? Don’t we need the newsroom to have a sense of unity, a sense of understanding the audience and the medium you are writing for?


Burns, L.S. and Matthews, B.J. Post-Industrial Journalism as a Creative Industry. International Journal of Social, Behavioral, Educational, Economic, Business and Industrial Engineering 11(6) (2017), 1543-1551.

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