Gitmo: A New Form of Reporting?

Rather than entirely closing themselves off to new technologies which is often seen as a major factor as to why quality journalism is being eradicated (Van der Haak et. al 2925). There are examples where new technologies are being used to create a new form of information dissemination, an example being Gone Gitmo.

It is an “An immersive docu-game based on the Guantanamo Bay prison camp, originally designed for Second Life and now available in Unity, based on actual reporting and facts.” It attempts to create a docu game version, akin to an MMORPG, where the player gets to experience what it would happen if they were a prisoner in Gitmo. The purpose of this is to make them realize what it would like to have their civil rights and liberties stripped away.

While for many this may feel controversial, it is a way of converging the medium of reporting with gaming to create an immersive experience, that could work advantageously to give the player a tiny insight into how it could be for a person to lose their basic human rights.

Word Count: 180


Van der Haak, Bregtje, Parks, Michael, and Manuel Castells. “The Future of Journalism: Networked Journalism.” International Journal of Communication 6 (2012): 2923–2938. Print.

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