‘Inshorts’ has you informed in just 60 words  

Journalist startups are not only rising from hip north California. Take India, for example. Last year, Reuters and the University of Oxford published a list of new journalist platforms from the country of curries and cricket.

Inshorts is one of these startups. Through an app, the platform serves users with news stories that only take a minute to read. Inshorts doesn’t produce news as such; they rather take articles from other platforms and shorten them. The cool thing about Inshorts is that it works a bit like Blendle. The user gets to tell the app which sources and genres he or she in interested in, and Inshorts makes sure the user gets a personalized newsfeed that only takes minutes to consume.

Whenever really interested, the reader can also read the full stories within the app. So Inshorts kind of works opposite to the clickbait mechanism. Where clickbait always leaves you wondering and craving for more, Inshorts tries to satisfy your information needs while giving you the option to more in-depth and nuanced versions of the summaries you’ve read.

Maarten van Gestel

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