We come from the future!

Gizmodo, being an offshoot of Gawker media, innately has a contemporary if not “young” aesthetic. Its content leans towards zany—where nerd meets culture and then of course, politics. They’ve earned enough clout now to become a familiar media outlet and I think a lot of people feel comfortable getting news from there as a result. However, having known people who have worked for Gizmodo, it is known that they employ young, inexperienced writers, often whom come from no journalism background and go on to do other irrelevant things– and while that is a wonderful opportunity, it sometimes shows. That, and their crazed demand for a certain amount of articles from each journalist per day—this almost seems like too easy a set-up for quantity of quality.

“The effects of this mixing of contexts raises important questions around the likely impacts of a shift toward consultancy roles for individuals who had previously been engaged solely in journalistic roles, inviting new challenges to the integrity of the ideological definition of journalism.” (Burns and Matthews, 1547)

Since Gizmodo has a technology and design contingent, as well as even sci-fi, I think it stands a part as a niche “nerd” outlet, kind of merging otherwise previously societally ostracized interests with the mainstream news.

-Chelsea Kane


Burns, L.S., Matthews, B.J. “Post-Industrial Journalism as a Creative Industry.” International Journal of Social, Behavioral, Educational, Economic, Business and Industrial Engineering 11.6 (2017). Online.

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